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Give Us Your Requirements For Your Tarrant County or Dallas County Project

Residential Roofing

There isn’t a requirement we can’t meet. Total replacement or simple repair. Asphalt/composition shingles. Wood shingles or shakes. Stone coated steel. Standing seam. Aluminum. Built-up roofing. Impact resistant roofing. Let us give you an estimate that builds high-level quality with bottom-line value. Learn more about our Dallas-Fort Worth Residential Roofing Services.

Emergency Repairs

When the wind stops blowing, our phone starts ringing. Why? Because we’re known for a fast, reliable response, whether a tree has fallen, a few shingles blown off, or the head-shaking, heart-breaking damage is even worse. We have to move fast to get the structure restored quickly and prevent further damage. We’ll arrive onsite quickly to appraise the situation and provide an estimate that gets solid repairs underway. Learn more about our Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial Roofing Services.

New Construction

What if you’re starting from the ground up? Let us be a part of the first step in one of the last parts of new construction: The roof. Here’s the perfect time to review insurance rebates on Impact Resistant Roofing as well as tax credit savings on energy efficient roofing products. We can plan the structure to custom requirements and give you pricing options that match the budget. Building home and commercial building value isn’t just a ground-up task – it’s a top-down endeavor, as well.

Routine Repairs

A drippy leak. Skylight problems. Chimney flashing issues. On and on. Often, the original roofing company is no longer in the area. And sometimes, the work was not too great from the get-go. We will help you evaluate the problem and offer a bid that solves it. Even everyday problems get an extraordinary response from Horizon.

Interior Repairs

Sometimes the leaky roof is only half the problem – there might be some interior resolutions of issues that dripped through to the ceiling and walls. Here, again, Horizon Roofing II will handle the smaller interior repairs, too. Quickly and efficiently.


Seamless gutters and downspouts – whether for installation or repair – are a specialty. They have to be done right or they won’t work right. And we can also discuss gutter guards to keep leaves out of your gutters.


Here is one of the most neglected areas of roofing considerations. It’s also one of the most important. Improper ventilation can void shingle warranties or reduce the structural integrity of the entire roof. Energy costs can be significantly impacted and attic insulation can be ruined, trapping moisture.

We combine a range of ventilation options with the expertise to meet your specific needs, using turbines, power turbines, solar-powered ventilation, ridge vents, radiant barriers or soffit ventilation. Let us help you choose the best solution for you.


You always want to be sure about the roof – and the best way to be sure is Horizon Roofing II, whether selling a home or purchasing a new one. Inspections will be prompt, thorough and trustworthy. Learn more about new roofs with insurance claims.